Meet Our Team

Introducing the people behind the scenes!

Jiayan Wang

Jiayuan Wang

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hey! I'm Jiayuan (or J). I assist my team with their daily functions and make sure everything runs smoothly. I'm proud that Cookiestruct has such a great team! Outside of work, I give my full attention to my corgi puppy.

Felix Montgrain

Felix Montgrain

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Hello all! I am Felix and I'm the co-founder and CMO of Cookiestruct. I take care of everything that has to do with sales and marketing. Aside from work, I am an avid traveller, I also love cooking and am a big movie nerd.

Max Riel

Max B. Riel

Lead Artist

Hey cookie eaters! My name is Max and I'm the artist in charge of designing new and interesting cookie cutters. I love baking, gaming and doing artistic stuff.


Evan Luxenberg

Social Media Coordinator

Hi! I'm Evan, Cookiestruct's social media and online marketing guru! Okay, I might not be a guru just yet, but my job is to ensure people know about the amazing stuff Cookiestruct has to offer! Outside of work, I'm a musician and all-around-creative-guy. My favourite cookie flavour is anything with white chocolate!


Sami Junior

Software Engineering Intern

Hey! I develop the software you see on the website and the software you don't see working behind the scenes. I find considerable satisfaction in hitting the gym with my bros and then coming home to a cookie-baking session in my flower apron.


Karla González

Web/Software Development Intern

Hey! I'm Karla and I am responsible for keeping the website neat, functional and efficient! When I'm not elbow deep in Python, I love going on hikes and exploring the outdoors. Though I must admit that my favourite part of any day would be coming home and snuggling with my cat.