The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition
The Mom Box | Local Edition


The Mom Box | Local Edition

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On May 9th, let us pay tribute to the all the female victims of domestic homicides.

At Cookiestruct, we wanted to do our part to help and support women and children who are victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. This is how the Mother's Day box was created in partnership with La Biscuiterie de Montréal, Violet Candles, Mpress Creations and Aura Social. All profits will go to Alliance des maisons d’hébergement de 2e étape pour femmes et enfants victimes de violence conjugale (Alliance MH2), a provincial grouping of 26 second-stage shelters, whose main objective is the prevention of domestic homicide.

The Mom Box | Local Edition contains:

- An elegantly designed greeting card from La Biscuiterie de Montréal

- A witty mug for moms from Mpress Creations

- 2 aromatic candles from Violet Candles

- A Mother’s-Day-themed cookie cutter and a heart-shaped cookie cutter/tartare mold from Cookiestruct

We are proud to be able to help Alliance MH2 raise funds to prevent femicides related to domestic violence. The profits generated by The Mom Box | Local Edition will be dedicated to an emergency fund for moving in/out to help women and their children relocate after leaving a second-stage shelter. Additionally, the profits will go towards enhancing Alliance MH2’s awareness program.

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Our Cookiestructs are

    ✅ Plant-based

    ✅ Non-toxic

    ✅ Recyclable

    ✅ Compostable

    ✅ Made in Canada

Wash & Care

Wash with dish soap and warm water and dry with a towel.

Do not put in dishwasher.


If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, SOS violence conjugale is there to help! Visit, call 1-800-363-9010 24/7, send an email to or go to their Facebook, Instagram or Youtube page /sosviolenceconjugale.

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